Starbucks (Greater Tampa Area)


For the past few months, The Friendly Plumber has been part of the routine maintenance of Starbucks locations in the Greater Tampa Area.  The Friendly plumber was tasked with updating old fixtures, and defining the new standard for the the heavy use plumbing fixtures in Starbucks.  We took on the task to bring all the bathrooms up to date with ADA code requirements associated with toilets.  We began changing the Mop Sinks and Water Heaters for various Starbucks locations.  So that hot water service was not disrupted and the employees or customers where burdened by the sound of of jack hammers, we completed many of the Starbucks repairs with night work.

50 Gallon Water heater on an shelf!
Most challenging location on a 8 ft shelf with equipment below!
With no drop ceiling above we had no way of securing the block and tackle to lower this one from its 6 ft shelf!

Starbucks Water Heaters

Each Starbucks had its own unique type of water heater in vastly different locations with different type of electric service representative of the use requirements for the location.  We set up a program to survey each location ahead of time, during the day, so we could determine what materials and equipment would be necessary to extract and replace the water heaters.  As you can see from the images many of the water heaters were in very changing locations on shelves with in some cases walls built around all four sides.





Special Commercial Work by The Friendly Plumber LLC

We confidently do complicated work with specialized accommodations.  We preform commercial plumbing work with expertise in night work operations.  If your facility is in need of larger equipment upgrades or night time service work, we have specialty trained night time and special accommodation mechanics who have preformed this type of work many times in operations both foreign and domestic. In a difficult logistic situation? We always find a way to accommodate and have your facility back up and running before opening time.


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