Shell Building (Green Center)


In the past few weeks, The Friendly Plumber has been part of building a shell building for future use in Lakewood Ranch area of Bradenton Florida.  First, this particular shell building utilized copper material for potable water service piping.  Next the waste lines in the building utilized PVC on both the sanitary sewer and grease waste lines.  Finally the build included a dumpster enclosure with water service and a floor sink.

AFC Adam Aanderud cores hole into Stem wall for dumpster pad
AFC Adam Aanderud ties in potable water for test
Potable Water Service inside shell building




Shell building ready for build out

Each shell building has its own unique type of potable water and waste service plumbing in vastly different elevations.   The design of each building suit the desire of the owner.  The owner may or may not already have commercial and industrial clients lined up to rent or purchase the space for build out. As a result,  build out of the final store fronts will be the next phase of construction.  Each subcontractor may or may not be involved in the next phase.  Therefore it is important to build per the print to make the next contractor’s job smooth.

Shell buildings by The Friendly Plumber LLC

We complete many of these types of projects intended for future use.  In many cases we will actually complete the build outs of the shell buildings.  For example we first completed a shell at the Lakeland Mall. Afterwards, The Friendly Plumber completed all of the new store build outs that went into the shell.  Finally these stores became an integrated part of the mall.


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