Starbucks (St. Pete and TIA)

Project Description

When we bid the Starbucks remodel in St. Petersburg, we were not the lowest price. In fact, we may have been the highest price, but we had experience building Starbucks. Not only that experience but the GC asked us if we could be counted on, which was in fact far more important to them. We told them not only do we know what we are doing but we will be there for you whenever you need us.

Due to the high popularity of Starbucks, these remodels must be turned around faster than most other jobs. In about 48 hours of round the clock work, the entire Starbucks gets a facelift. During our work there, we saw all sorts of customers trying desperately to get in to get coffee. When I saw this I realized how important it was to be there on site to tackle all of the problems that came up. Problems so minute were handled immediately. For example, someone who accidentally turned off a valve in the ceiling by bumping it with their hard hat before the machines arrived the night before opening and there was no water pressure. Had we not stayed, no one would have figured out the problem as the valve was now buried in the ceiling.

Another situation on the second day work where a facet came with a strange Russian style thread that we were able to adapt through ingenuity and persistence. We had to really work the principles of integrity and professionalism on this site to get everything delivered on time. The builder was very happy in both instances that they had signed on The Friendly Plumber to help them complete the job. We even stayed to help the equipment guy install the espresso makers and coffee makers. Those first 4 shots of espresso that came out of the new machine really tasted great after 2 days of really hard work.

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