Rubio’s Restaurants (St Pete Tyrone Square and Tampa)

Project Description

These projects are a testament to not only our company but also are sister company AEC services. We worked hand in hand with AEC to demolish two entire old restaurants and build two new ones from the underground up to the roof in two separate locations, simultaneously, in 60 days times. This is an unheard of schedule for any company to perform this much work on one building in one location let alone two separate locations. The job superintendent told us that the owner told him to put his foot on the gas, and he did, and never let up.

These projects went off without a hitch because of two of our principles which were indispensable: Honesty in communication and Dynamic Field Operations. It has been said that with the right leaders and the troops. As a result of the Superintendent asking the right questions like when can you have this inspection passed?, can it be sooner?, when should I have the concrete delivered? The team as a whole operates like one unit and having two sites there is always something that needs to be done for each type of tradesman on one site or the other in one section or another. Dynamic Field Operations only work when there is honest communication between those managing the job and the tradesmen actually building it. This concept is similar to that of lean manufacturing because if the site becomes littered with material or too many people are trying to work on top of one another then nothing can be done in a timely manner.

Also the different types of tradesmen must work together in harmony with each other. This can be difficult because of bitter longstanding rivalry between two or more trades. The right environment will overcome this ideology and breed a brotherhood of workers that get the job done right the first time right troops anything can be accomplished. With the Foremen of each trade in direct communication with the right superintendent who can provide them with the right materials and the right schedule, we were able to meet every checkpoint and eventually deliver these restaurants open on time. These restaurants are new to Florida and are a California franchise, and we encourage you to try their food, it’s amazing!

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