Nothing Bundt Cakes – Commercial Plumber Project

Project Description

The Nothing Bundt Cakes is opening a brand new location in Carrollwood just off North Dale Mabry Highway. Situated in a strip mall that is undergoing an extensive remodel, the new store is one of a growing chain of bakeries. Just below you’ll see some of the work was captured live on Facebook, .

Sanitary Piping

The last picture in the carousel above is of a clean-out sewer pipe that is stubbed up through the slab. This takes place after the first rough phase of the project in the areas of the slab that were cut out to make way for the new sanitary piping.

The spots where the floor fixture need to be set is accomplished by setting them before the floor is poured. These fixtures include: floor sinks, toilets, hub drains, or clean out covers. A mistake made by many plumbers is to pour them to an elevation that might be incorrect. We put a protective tube around the floor stubs and set the fixtures to the proper elevation. The final part of the floor is poured ourselves, which goes around the fixtures after the rest of the slab is poured. As a result, we insure that the final product won’t hold standing water around it. This avoids another mistake common in commercial buildings.

Drains, Vents, Gas Lines, and Sinks

We will run the vents for the sanitary and grease to the roof after they are tied together in the top out phase. Therefore, the number of roof penetrations will be minimized. The natural gas lines for the building are run to supply the cooking equipment. In addition, we will run the vent for the water heater exhaust. The final phase, or trim out, takes place after the walls and final floor is put in by the carpenters and/or tile guys. Lastly, the functional features (toilets, sinks, faucets, and cooking equipment) will be installed in that phase.

In the kitchens there are two main kinds of sinks used. The three-compartment sinks are indirectly dumped into floor sinks, which usually have Franklin drains or twist and turn drains. These sinks are used for food prep or washing dishes, while to sanitize the worker’s hands they use the hand sinks. Furthermore, the hand sinks have knee or foot petals to activate them because their hands may be covered in food. Configurations like this one typically include a dishwasher and a pre-rinse sink and faucet. The Nothing Bundt Cakes company has its own connections for laundry machines for in-house clothing and towel cleaning. The bathroom features ADA lavatories with motion activated faucets and ADA toilets.

Commercial Plumber to go live with Nothing Bundt Cakes Project

The 2nd rough or stack out phase is a preparation to go live, so this means you run all the pipes for potable water in the building in the framed in walls. These are the main water lines which includes the cold, hot, return, and various filtered lines. The main water lines have to be pressurized to 100 psi and inspected.

Keep in mind that it wouldn’t be possible for Nothing Bundt Cakes to create those tasty confectionery goods without The Friendly Plumber doing a great job installing their commercial plumbing.

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