H&M (Lakeland Square Mall)

Project Description

This job started out as just a demolition of 5 five stores in the mall at Lakeland to create one large, cold, dark, shell. This means that there were no walls, no electricity, and no HVAC. This presented its own set of challenges as we first had to demolish the plumbing fixtures and the hot water heaters entirely in the dark or with the help of our head lamps. Second, we had to cut the floor open in many places and cap all of the pre-existing sewer connections.

The mall liked our craftsmanship and professionalism so much they asked us to demo a few other units as well as cut open trenches for electrical ditches for the new service. When we cut open the floor we did so with systems in place to manage the dust and exhaust from the tools so it did not travel into the rest of the mall. Other contractors were eventually forced to adopt our methods or pay us to cut open the floors for them. This was a bit strange to us as we had never before fancied ourselves a concrete cutting company, rather a company that knows how to cut concrete without disturbing other units in a multi-unit building.

This project showcased our safety conscience as our whole motivation for placing these handling systems was for the safety of the air being breathed by everyone at the mall including our workers. The mall so enjoyed our work that they recommended us to do the build out for their new anchor store, which was an H&M. While the H&M was built by all different general contractors and subcontractors, the plumbing stayed the same. This particular contract was awarded to us without the need to submit a bid for it. Certainly this was only possible due to our principles of craftsmanship, integrity, professionalism, and safety.

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