Audi Dealerships (Clearwater and Sarasota)

Project Description

Whenever you deal with a company like Audi, you know you are dealing with a strong brand that is strongly branded. From the Audi website:

“Vorsprung durch Technik” or, “Progress through Technology” is our company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. It inspires the innovative solutions, revolutionary engineering and progressive design that have become synonymous with the Audi name.

When I first read that before I ever started an Audi dealership build I realized that we would have to bring the best we had, the cleanest looks, and custom made brackets, so that even the Water Heaters that hung in the mechanic’s bay, would look like they belong in an Audi dealership. The architect that the dealerships use specifies everything in the place down to having the same furniture in each one. All the plumbing fixtures are fantastically designed and not your usual stuff. The facets are Hansgrohe and need to be set just so to offset the look of the adjacent shelves. This was a build where two things really counted: First and foremost is craftsmanship. Craftsmanship means the world to us at The Friendly Plumber, we pride ourselves on being an American Traditional Plumbing Company. Ran the entire facility in 3000 ft of rigid copper pipe, which takes a lot more craftsmanship than plastic pipe that is commonly used however the building was specified for the copper and even though it took longer to complete the final result was breathtaking to any pipefitter. The second important thing on any Audi build is communication with their engineers in order to ensure that everything that they pack into the building with fit properly and not be exposed and nothing will be left out of the wall or components hidden within the drop ceiling. Every step of the way we worked hand in hand with engineers to make sure that the final product would be the polished yet very functional design that the Audi brand is known for producing.

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