7-Eleven in Historic Ybor City

Project Description

The Friendly Plumber is known for building anything, especially it’s convenience stores. The ones that we remodel were almost all originally built by our very own Master Plumber Martin Steele.  He is a Florida native and cut his teeth early in his career banging out 7-Elevens.  As he put it when we began to build the latest Wawa, this is his game and he knows how exactly to play it.

The convenience store has a quite a few more considerations when it comes to the arrangement of potable water lines as you need: 4 distinct line with different types of filters and regulators for pressure and water purity, post mix (soda), filtered, slurpy, and coffee specific water lines, which are all necessary along with cold and hot and return lines.  This is in addition to the pressurized wash lines and backflow prevention devices for each piece of equipment.  Some sewer and grease lines need to be tied into cast iron for temperature or PVC for longevity and chemical resistance.  Usually with the sanitary system you need 2 different sewer lines and 1 grease trap which we install as well.  Some sites require us to build the stormwater management system which includes the setting of large underground concrete structures.

All of this knowledge is being passed down from our master plumber is part of The Friendly Plumber heritage and its only right that we showcase this with our Historic Ybor City Store build out of the 7-Eleven where we worked hand in hand with our sister company AEC Services to preserve the history of the Ybor district while adding a much needed modern convenience.  We did a complete design and build of the 7-Eleven in Ybor City.  Backed with the Professional Engineer, the owner, Ron Fair, we handled the engineering, the design, project management, and the construction of a new 7-Eleven onto a pre-existing 100-year old structure.  The project was completed on time and on budget.  This only further to showcase our partnership with designers principle.

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