New Commercial Plumbing mechanic at The Friendly Plumber

commercial plumbing mechanic

Last week we added a new commercial plumbing mechanic to The Friendly Plumber family. His name is Austin and he is a disabled veteran who served 8 years in the armed forces. The Friendly Plumber is proud to support our returning veterans. He was deployed in Afghanistan. After completing his post deployment requirements, he received an honorable discharge from the Army. Previous to the military and early in his military career he was a plumbing mechanic. He loved the time spent working on renovating huge houses in his youth alongside his father. He submitted an application and we just couldn’t pass on a opportunity to gain a valuable piece of talent as well as a chance to give back to a solider that put his life on the line for our freedom. When I asked him to describe himself in a sentence: “Devilishly Good-looking.”

Commercial Plumbing Mechanic challenges

The last week has certainly been challenging. We wanted to share more with all of you but we were on a media restricted industrial site where they transport and handle petroleum and compressed liquid propane gas. The safety requirements were high as were the time constraints to complete the job. We were able to complete the job before the deadline although it took everything that Austin and I had. He and I have been working together like a well oiled machine. Good Plumbing!”

-Your friendly plumber, Christopher