Kid’s Community College: Tilt Wall School Plumbing



Transit is used to verify the elevations
Clean and rail straight 1st rough makes for no problems in the future
Foreman’s temporary office during the 2nd rough, got to love concrete dust in your morning coffee!

The friendly plumber took on the building of what was essential two schools on one site.   School plumbing requires additional knowledge of the ergonomics needed for fixtures.  These fixtures must be the right size and height for children to use them.  Collectively this school was named Kid’s Community College.  While one side educates small children through grades school the other side is a full high school.  This project was rather large and lengthy.  It took the full attention of an entire team of Plumbers with the support of additional teams for weekend work to complete the project on time.



KCC Charter School

A very impressive educational choice, boasting a 22:1 student to faculty ratio! One side of the campus offers VPK & Preschool while the other is 9th-12th grade.  The construction was designed as a Tilt wall building.  After the 1st rough of a tilt wall building, the General contractor pours a coat of concrete.  As a result the school plumbing locations must be precise for them to located after the pour.  This can be difficult and time consuming process to locate and bust out the stubs.

Tilt Wall School Plumbing

We specialize in doing commercial property development from new construction to plumbing remodel.  Since our sister company is a  Fuel Systems, General Contracting, and Engineering firm, we build out many of the commercial properties that we work on as a total design and build firm.  Our Master Plumber, Martin Steele has built and helped in the economics of design for schools for over 35 years.

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