The Friendly Plumber launches new website and showcases recent commercial plumbing project

The Friendly Plumber is proud to present our new website! Not only will you be able to learn about our featured commercial plumbing projects, but you will get periodic updates about our company and how they can best provide services to you. In this new website we have added the following convenient sections to make our company information easier to find.

  • Improved overall responsiveness – The website looks great on many different mobile devices, including phones and tablets.
  • Better Navigation – You can easily find what you need with an updated navigation menu that has easy access to the Contact Us form and to the list of commercial and residential services we offer.
  • Updated Clients List – We pride ourselves on the sheer number of clients we have had over the years. You’ll see an extensive list of our client logos, which will give you an idea of the great work we do.
  • Company History and Mission – Read about how our company was founded and our team of commercial plumbing mechanics.

WaWa 50th Street – Recent Commercial Plumbing Project

Located at 50th Street and Columbus in Tampa is one of our most recent and ongoing commercial plumbing projects. In this case, a brand new WaWa gas station/convenience store. The Friendly Plumber LLC has the advantage of having certified Petroleum Engineers. This makes them a step ahead of other companies when it comes to building gas stations. Our master plumbing mechanics have logged thousands of hours on-site performing all aspects of the construction job. The current phase of the project as shown in the photos above is called the top out or 2nd rough phase of the project. In this phase of the project, we refer to the plumbing installed after groundwork and before finish.

If you have a new commercial plumbing project or are in need of some work on your home, we offer both commercial and residential services. No job is too large or small at The Friendly Plumber. Whether you need to fix your leaky faucet in your bathroom or are building a complete gas station, our mission is to provide outstanding service to our customers. You can get in touch today by phone at 813-622-8533. You can also use this convenient contact form where you can supply part numbers and photos.

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