Florida Hospital Center Ice (Wesley Chapel,Fl)


The Center Ice project at Wesley Chapel was given to our sister company AEC Services Inc. to complete. When the community center was opened it was apparent that there was an issue with storm water management system.  After the major storm everyone inside the building realized it because rain water started leaking through the roof! This had occurred because there was not a sufficient system of rain leaders in place to handle the water.  We were able to rectify the problem by adding a large rain leader, the length of the main roof.

Florida Hospital Center Ice

While it is a place for affordable skating and professional level hockey, it was built with a vision as a community center.  One of the recent events was held there for the community was “WE ALL HAVE HOPE” featuring guest speaker Roger Hernandez.   As described on their the Florida Hospital Center ICE website the facility is “Sponsored by Florida Hospital,  a non-profit organization driven to extend the healing ministry of Christ, and based on the study of scripture.”  The Friendly Plumber LLC is very proud to be part of such a project with its high positive impact on the surrounding community.


Plumbers Chris and Austin at the event

Plumber Chris with Speaker Roger Hernandez

Rain Leaders by The Friendly Plumber LLC

We specialize in doing commercial property development from new construction to plumbing remodel.  Since our sister company is a  Fuel Systems, General Contracting, and Engineering firm, we build out many of the commercial properties that we work on as a total design and build firm.  Our Master Plumber, Martin Steele has been building storm water management systems, rain leaders for over 35 years.

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