Commercial Plumbing

General Commercial Buildings

commercial plumbing constructionThe Friendly Plumber has provided commercial plumbing solutions for an array of properties. You will see from this extensive list of commercial property types that the experience and quality of their work sets a new standard for construction companies. When it comes to their business ethic, detailed planning, efficient and honest communications they are truly masters of their craft. They continue to prove that by living up to their Mission Statement, which includes:

“Provide outstanding service to our customers”.

Retail Facilities (Convenience Stores, Restaurants)

commercial plumbing retail projectsToday’s brick-and-mortar stores have a lot of competition with a steady increase in online sales (Forrester Research – Wall Street Journal), but there are some industries that we as a society will always need. Chances are, we will not see the means to purchase fuel online and you can never truly experience the atmosphere of a nice restaurant if you’re placing your food order to have it delivered.  The Friendly Plumber has built many restaurants and convenience stores over the years. These include, but are not limited to: Rubios’s Restaurants, Lupton’s Catering and Buffet, 7-Eleven, Taco Bell, Burger King, and many others.


commercial plumbing warehousesIf you need a commercial plumbing solution for a large warehouse space, you can count on The Friendly Plumber to provide you with a design that makes sense and that it will be exactly what you need to cater to your business. The versatility of a warehouse could lend itself to an auto mechanic shop, marketplace, retail distribution, storage, and countless other operations.  You can rest assured that your project will have a solid plumbing system that will stand the test of time.

Industrial Facilities

commercial plumbing industrial facilitiesThere are many types of businesses that may need a complete plumbing system rehaul or ground-up design. The Friendly Plumber has experience with many types of industrial buildings, including but not limited to: Manufacturing Buildings (aka heavy industrial buildings), Refrigeration/Cold Storage Buildings, Telecom/Data Hosting Centers, Flex Buildings, Light Manufacturing Buildings, R&D Buildings, and Showroom Buildings (such as the Audi Sarasota building).

Full Design Services

commercial plumbing full designThe Friendly Plumber can design your commercial project from start to finish, no matter how large or small. We have in-house architecture and design skills that we will utilize to shape your project and bring it into being. We aim to be a one-stop shop that handles all aspects of your project from conception to production. The design we create for you will have a sharp and clean aesthetic, will make sense, and will fit within your budget.

Lift Stations (Forced Sewer Mains)

commercial plumbing lift stationsWhen gravity flow is not enough to move runoff water and sewage through a gravity line, then you may need a lift station to do this. The wastewater is moved in these stations by using compressors or pumps. They convey wastewater from a lower to higher elevation or where construction of a gravity line would result in excessive excavation depths and prohibitive sewer line costs. A sewer force main will always include pipe, valves, a device to control flow and a force main cleaning system.

Sewer Tie-ins

commercial plumbing sewer tie-insWhenever you need to connect the plumbing system to the city water supply and waste lines,  you may need a sewer tie-in solution that will do the job in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Once installation is complete, using the main sewer line is essentially maintenance free. The Friendly Plumber will walk you through each step of the process, from obtaining any necessary permits to assessing the grade of your property. We’ll also treat your property with respect and keep excavated areas to a minimum.

Water Line Installations

commercial plumbing water line installationMany retail stores, restaurants, and gas stations require water lines to pipe in the resources you need for your sinks, bathrooms, coffee makers, fountain drink machines, and the like. Master plumbing mechanics at The Friendly Plumber can take care of the installation of water lines at your business or in your home. If your current water line is having problems, then it’s likely causing major problems for you. If you’re trying to install a new water line, then you want to be sure it’s done right. No matter what your current predicament, you want to make sure your water line is installed correctly from the beginning.

Leak Detection and Repair

commercial plumbing leak detectionSave your company money by locating any leaks in your plumbing system. The Friendly Plumber has a crew of seasoned master plumbing mechanics that can troubleshoot any problem areas and reveal costly and perhaps damaging leaks. A leak could be very obvious or it may require us to do some investigative work to locate the culprit. Our approach to finding your leak is as non-invasive as possible and our experienced

Commercial Plumbing Site Utilities

For your commercial plumbing project, The Friendly Plumber can provide a large array of site utilities. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following site utilities.


  • Water Main and Services
  • Sanitary Sewer Main and Laterals
  • Storm Sewer Main and Laterals
  • Water Main Taps and Pressure Connections
  • Fire Hydrant Installation and Repairs
  • Line Stops and Valve Insertions
  • Sanitary and Storm Lift Stations and Force Mains
  • Sanitary and Storm Manholes, Catch Basins, and Inlets
  • Grease Traps, Triple Basins, and Mud Basins
  • Emergency Repairs


Nothing Bundt Cakes – Commercial Plumber Project

The Nothing Bundt Cakes is opening a brand new location in Carrollwood just off North Dale Mabry Highway. Situated in a strip mall that is undergoing an extensive remodel, the new store is one of a growing chain of bakeries. Just below you’ll see some of the work was captured live on Facebook, . Sanitary […]

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Tampa International Airport

The Tampa International Airport contracted The Friendly Plumber to build a new 1 billion dollar plus addition at what we call the time and materials rate. This is the highest rate that we charge and we almost never charge a construction customer this rate. In this case, the jobs were done to save a project […]

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H&M (Lakeland Square Mall)

This job started out as just a demolition of 5 five stores in the mall at Lakeland to create one large, cold, dark, shell. This means that there were no walls, no electricity, and no HVAC. This presented its own set of challenges as we first had to demolish the plumbing fixtures and the hot […]

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Starbucks (St. Pete and TIA)

When we bid the Starbucks remodel in St. Petersburg, we were not the lowest price. In fact, we may have been the highest price, but we had experience building Starbucks. Not only that experience but the GC asked us if we could be counted on, which was in fact far more important to them. We […]

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Rubio’s Restaurants (St Pete Tyrone Square and Tampa)

These projects are a testament to not only our company but also are sister company AEC services. We worked hand in hand with AEC to demolish two entire old restaurants and build two new ones from the underground up to the roof in two separate locations, simultaneously, in 60 days times. This is an unheard […]

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Audi Dealerships (Clearwater and Sarasota)

Whenever you deal with a company like Audi, you know you are dealing with a strong brand that is strongly branded. From the Audi website: “Vorsprung durch Technik” or, “Progress through Technology” is our company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. It inspires the innovative solutions, revolutionary […]

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Aldi East Orlando

The Aldi brand is not as well known as I feel like it should be in the United States of America.  It is certainly a huge chain of grocery stores in Europe as it hails from Germany.  If you have never visited one I would encourage you to take a trip to one.  It is […]

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7-Eleven in Historic Ybor City

The Friendly Plumber is known for building anything, especially it’s convenience stores. The ones that we remodel were almost all originally built by our very own Master Plumber Martin Steele.  He is a Florida native and cut his teeth early in his career banging out 7-Elevens.  As he put it when we began to build […]

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