Shell Building (Green Center)

  In the past few weeks, The Friendly Plumber has been part of building a shell building for future use in Lakewood Ranch area of Bradenton Florida.  First, this particular shell building utilized copper material for potable water service piping.  Next the waste lines in the building utilized PVC on both the sanitary sewer and […]

Starbucks (Greater Tampa Area)

  For the past few months, The Friendly Plumber has been part of the routine maintenance of Starbucks locations in the Greater Tampa Area.  The Friendly plumber was tasked with updating old fixtures, and defining the new standard for the the heavy use plumbing fixtures in Starbucks.  We took on the task to bring all […]

Carvana (Tampa, Orlando)

  The Friendly Plumber signed on to complete two different Carvana car dealership locations in two different cities.  One is in Orlando and the other is in Tampa.  Carvana was a very unique project as it required multi-story plumbing work directly attached to red irons.  These massive rain leaders were put in twenty foot lengths […]

Kid’s Community College: Tilt Wall School Plumbing

    The friendly plumber took on the building of what was essential two schools on one site.   School plumbing requires additional knowledge of the ergonomics needed for fixtures.  These fixtures must be the right size and height for children to use them.  Collectively this school was named Kid’s Community College.  While one side educates […]

Florida Hospital Center Ice (Wesley Chapel,Fl)

  The Center Ice project at Wesley Chapel was given to our sister company AEC Services Inc. to complete. When the community center was opened it was apparent that there was an issue with storm water management system.  After the major storm everyone inside the building realized it because rain water started leaking through the […]

Circle K Plumbing Remodel

There was a pre-existing gas station on 301 Ave in Bradenton where we began a plumbing remodel.  We had to bring in a new mainline to the building.  We then determined that the as built plans were incorrect as the grease line and the sanitary line were in the opposite places shown in the plans. […]