Carvana (Tampa, Orlando)


View from the 4th story, tied off to the red irons
Using the boom lift on the tower!
Plumber Chris feeds a pipe down a couple of stories to Plumber John
A view from the roof of Carvana Orlando

The Friendly Plumber signed on to complete two different Carvana car dealership locations in two different cities.  One is in Orlando and the other is in Tampa.  Carvana was a very unique project as it required multi-story plumbing work directly attached to red irons.  These massive rain leaders were put in twenty foot lengths spanning some nine stories of the structure.  These pipes had to penetrate the webbing in some cases and in all cases required  two men to be on separate stories of the structure lacing the pipes through the red irons of the massive Carvana tower.  As you can see from the pictures to the left, the project required strenuous fall protection.



What is Carvana?

Carvana is a used car dealership that is based out of Arizona, all of the purchasing and financing happens online through their website.  Then the tower itself is like a huge vending machine to store and dispense cars.  it greatly reduces the foot print of the dealership and allows them to operate in a lean manner.  They only need to bring in and a hold cars that are going to be sold in that area as opposed to having cars sitting on the lot.  This saves them money on overhead and allows them to pass the savings and convenience onto their customers.


Multi-Story Buildings by The Friendly Plumber

We specialize in doing commercial property development from new construction to plumbing remodel.  We can handle the high end and high up jobs.  Safety is a huge priority here at The Friendly Plumber, and we take a day every year to go through the OSHA regulations including fall safety. Since our sister company is a Fuel Systems, General Contracting, and Engineering firm, we build out many of the commercial properties that we work on as a total design and build firm.  Our Team has been doing the hard projects that require an excellence in safety for over 35 years.

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