301 Business Center (Industrial Building)



In the past few weeks, The Friendly Plumber has been part of building industrial buildings for future use on Columbus Road in Brandon Florida.  the project is named 301 Business Center because it is located just off of US 301 in Brandon. First, we built Building 300 utilizing 1800 feet of 8″ PVC on the sanitary waste lines with 6″ PVC clean-outs spaced every 100 feet.  Next we plumbed Building 200 with a stretch of 1600 feet with 75 feet between 6″ PVC clean-outs.  Finally we plumbed in Building 100 with 1600 feet of 8″ PVC with clean-outs every 75 feet.

Plumber Austin and Helper Carlos install Clean-out
Shoring the pipe before backfill
After shoring has been compacted before backfill





Industrial Building Scale

Each Industrial Building has its own unique type of waste service plumbing in vastly different elevations. For this particular project it was necessary to work the trenching in a multi-step process.  First we dug down to below the deepest invert elevation while ensuring the safety of our crew by stepping the trench and adding walking ramps to the ditch every 20 feet.  Second we added clean fill dirt to the trench.  Then we compacted the clean fill while using a transit to ensure the depth changed properly with the fall of the pipe.  Finally we laid the pipe while adding cleanouts at specific locations to avoid the concrete saw cuts.

Industrial Buildings by The Friendly Plumber LLC

We complete many of these types of projects intended for future industrial or commercial use. In many cases we will actually complete the build outs of the industrial or commercial buildings. We are currently working on another Industrial Building at Big Bend road located at the Tampa Regional Industrial Park.  We just complete the second rough in at that location.  While we are back filling the 301 Business Center location.

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